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1967 Volvo 144 Maiden Voyage (A Bust!)(2)

June 2, 2010

Finally got the front flex hoses that I needed to install before Ol’ Red had brakes. I wasn’t able to source the hoses at any of my regular suppliers in Canada, so I ordered them out of the US, and after 2 weeks on order, I was happy to see them.  As far as I [...]

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Why we love our Volvos

So… I’m flying along the highway last week in a 15-year old Volvo 850, tunes on, sunroof open, and at 120km/hr, I’m struck by how well this machine drives.  Ten minutes later, as the odometer ticks over 320,000km I ignore our new “hands-free” phone law, and I snap a picture of the odometer (at a [...]


Calling all 2005 XC90 Owners…

A couple of things for you XC 90 owners… 1)  We need to make sure that you have no water leaks at the base of the windshield of your XC90. There is a condition that may develop on certain cars from 2005 where a piece of plastic designed to keep water out of the interior [...]


3 generation race team dominates the field at Coulson’s Hill Weeknight Race Series

A dream was realized on Wednesday night at Coulson’s Hill, a tract of forest just north of Bradford, Ontario. Les Suter, right, has been dreaming about a 3 generation mountain bike team, almost since the birth of his own son, Travis (centre). Les’ father Jim (left), founder of Suter’s Auto Service, obliged to come and [...]



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