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Newest Suter Arrives!

Presenting, the newest addition to our family, Teagan Brynn Suter! Teagan arrived this morning (July 31,2010) at 10:52am, at Southlake Regional Health Centre (many thanks to the birthing unit there!). She weighed 8lbs and is 22 inches long for those that like the stats. Mom Carolyn was outstanding, as usual, and as the nurses phrased, "a natural". Carolyn and Teagan are both well and are resting at present. Click on this text to see a small collection of Teagan photos!


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  1. Welcome Teagen, you are beautiful!!! Looks like mommy has done a great job and daddy too. I'm sure your sisters and brother are thrilled your here. Looking forward to meeting you soon!!

  2. Hello Teagan: I'm happy you arrived safe and sound. Welcome to the Suters large and extensive community. Congratulations Les and Carolyn.


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