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P1800 For Sale – Original Owner!!!

Here's one for the collectors out there, a 1972 P1800E with around 88000 miles on the clock.
After 40 years with this car, the original owners are willing to part ways with this car (to a good home only!). They will be losing the indoor storage that they have had for the car since new.
The car was appraised a couple years ago for insurance purposes and valued at $12000.
We have just completed some fairly extensive work in order to certify the car, some of which includes a new exhaust system (engine-back), all new brake flex hoses, brake rotors all around, as well as replacement of the frames under the passenger and drivers floor (most common floor-repair on these cars).
The interior is in good condition (8/10; not even a crack in the dash!), exterior paint work about a 6.5 out of 10, and the engine is quiet and strong.
Please contact the owners Bob or Joan, at 905-727-4193


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