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Happy 80th Birthday Bert!! (0)

November 21, 2013 • Category: News

We would like to wish Bert (longtime customer, actually, the first Suter’s customer!) a very happy 80th Birthday. Here is a pic of Bert and his 1981 240 wagon, his daily driver. Bert and the car are very familiar with each other, he’s owned it since he sold his last car, a 1970′s vintage 144. [...]

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1967 Volvo 144 Maiden Voyage (A Bust!) (2)

Finally got the front flex hoses that I needed to install before Ol’ Red had brakes. I wasn’t able to source the hoses at any of my regular suppliers in Canada, so I ordered them out of the US, and after 2 weeks on order, I was happy to see them. ¬†As far as I [...]



Happy Halloween! (0)

Just to let everyone know, Amy can turn into a “real” witch when she has to deal with everybody wanting their snow tires put on at once! The phone hasn’t been ringing off the hook here, and we all know what kind of weather comes after Halloween! (Psssssst, think snow tires!)



Volvo Electric Concept Car – the ReCharge (0)

For anybody interested in where Volvo is investing their R+D dollars. It’s an interesting concept, the whole plug-in car concept, and I like the approach that Volvo has taken here. Perhaps a speculative release date of 2015 is a bit late?



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